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Holistic Life Coaching & Energy Therapy Testimonials

I always felt that Donna was quite intuitive and truly cared about my well-being.

Donna is really cool and genuine and down to earth. I was able to achieve a lot of personal growth through my sessions and I found her work very effective.

Working with Donna matured me quite a bit. I gained a better sense of who I am. Now my life is great. My businesses are doing well. My family life is good; I am in a great relationship and planning to have a baby in 3 months.

I think Donna is a terrific person and her healing work is very gentle, honest, and beneficial.

Minda Malibiran, MindaMusicStore.com

Be good to yourself and allow yourself to receive this gift. It will be one of the most empowering experiences of your life–I’m sure of it.

I came to Donna for some physical issues, and through addressing those I experienced emotional healing as well.One of my greatest lessons was that humans *can* repress memories of traumatic events, and that “muscle memory” is valid and real. Through my work with Donna, I learned that the clearing of old, repressed memories can lead to dramatic healing in the physical body.

I was so impressed with Donna and her therapy that I have returned when needed over a five-year period, and I decided to incorporate Body Talk sessions into my personal wellness plan.

I even decided to bring my small dog to Donna. He was going through a severe medical crisis and her session calmed him and seemed to give him ease from pain. He continued to improve following our session and I attribute his recovery to Body Talk therapy as a complement to traditional veterinary medicine.

Donna Burick is a powerful and talented healer. Her dedication to her training has allowed her to develop multiple skills that enhance her natural abilities. She is an inspiring example of someone who is living her Truth, embodying her beliefs and using her talents and wisdom to benefit others. I am blessed to know her.

Chantel Church, Raleigh, NC
I have tried so many forms of therapy…acupuncture, therapy, group sessions but nothing even comes close to Donna’s combination of Life Coaching and Energy Therapy. For the first time in 44 years, I feel in touch with what is most important to me.

Four years ago when I first started working with Donna I had no idea the impact it would have on my life. Donna listened with an open heart and mind and helped me work through some very difficult decisions with my business, family, and personal relationships. She helped me objectively see other points of view and helped me heal from three major traumatic experiences.

Donna’s Life Coaching has profoundly positively affected my life. I’ve re-evaluated every aspect of my life and made many beneficial life changes.
My company has taken off in ways that I never dreamed and I’m consistently passionate about what I do. I approach my personal life (now that I have one) and relationships from a totally new perspective of compassion and forgiveness.

Today…I am completely in love with life. That’s not to say that I don’t face difficulties, I do. I face them with this incredible sense of peacefulness and trust that the outcome will always be the best.

Donna is a true treasure in my life.

Karen Banks, Arlington, VA
I feel thankful for Donna because her work has provided me with the missing link that many other approaches lack.

I believe our health is multi-dimensional, including our physical bodies, our emotions, our mind and thoughts, our spirit or soul, and an energy component. Most modalities only touch on the body, mind, or heart, but that mystical piece is lost. My doctor, my therapist, my spiritual advisor are not able to address my whole body. Donna addresses that mystical piece by addressing my whole self, providing me with something I cannot find anywhere else.

Donna’s intuitive abilities and practical assessments are exceptional. I have felt great healing in all areas of my life by coming to Donna, and I continue to find her assistance one of my greatest resources.

Gretchen Hill, RN Greensboro, NC
Although I’ve had good results with bodywork and acupuncture, Body Talk gives me a greater insight into myself through the talking and coaching aspects of Donna’s treatments.

I initially came for digestive issues and wound up benefiting from a new approach to health and well-being. I gained new insights into the chakras and ways to become more balanced. I found out about how to preserve and protect my energy and gained much new information about diet and nutrition.

I enjoy my appointments with Donna very much; they are very positive and uplifting to my spirit as well as my body. I recommended Donna to my son, and he has also benefited greatly from her advice and ideas.

Even though I don’t know Donna’s other clients, I feel a kind of spiritual kinship with everyone else who is channeled in with her energy and healing touch.

Molly Mullin, 7th Grade Teacher
I have had the joy of working with Donna several times over the last 15 months and my life has changed notably and remarkably as a direct result of those sessions. I have found her healing to be WELL WORTH my monetary investment.

I started coming to Donna specifically to get help with the inexplicable defensiveness I seemed to feel toward my husband. Within just weeks of seeing Donna, I saw dramatic changes in the way that I approached arguments with him.

On later visits, I also worked on losing weight and lost 30 pounds between two sessions with her in 5 months.

Working with Donna is pure pleasure. She’s an excellent listener – both with her heart and her mind. Her intuitive skills make it so easy to see links that evaded me previously and her BodyTalk work is so exquisite that sometimes I forget the reason I called her, the change is so immediate.
In many other facets of my life, including professional ones, I see dramatic and wonderful changes as a direct result of Donna’s healing work.
Nothing else I’ve done has had such an immediate and transformative effect that was so clearly linked to the efforts.

I am surprised by how much benefit I continue to gain each time I work with Donna. Afterwards, I always feel refreshed, happy, hopeful and certain that there is more goodness ahead for me.

Johanna M. Wu, Ph.D., Principal Consultant, Merritt Wu Associates Organizational Development Psychologist West Lafayette, Indiana
Donna helped me find joy in my life again.

My experience with Donna was extraordinary. I could feel my mind, body, and spirit connecting to a healing power. She was able to push energy through places in my body I hadn’t realized were blocked. After the session, I felt extremely relaxed, as if my body were actually lighter.

Since my session with Donna, I have been on a spiritual adventure, rediscovering parts of myself I’d lost as a child. My awareness level is more heightened, and I feel as if I’m living more in the present.

Nancy Pitkin, Nancy Pitkin Corporate Wellness Coordinator
The 3-4 hours I spend with Donna each month are the best investment I could make in my life/health.
I always leave feeling energized, uplifted, and more certain of my ability to fully heal from Cancer.

A year ago, I could barely eat, and was weak, achy, and feverish all the time. My immune system was depleted. Today, I have an excellent appetite and feel healthier and stronger than I have in ages.

In the beginning, I was a little uncertain about working with Donna because I didn’t know a lot about energy work. But I was diagnosed with cancer and wanted to do everything possible to heal and get well.

I initially came for nutritional counseling. Early on, I recognized that Donna had so much more to offer and teach me about health and well-being. I began seeing her for Body Talk sessions and I’ve been doing incredibly well.

I believe that Donna has a true gift for energy healing. Her intuitive abilities are amazing. Not only has she taught me a great deal about nutrition, but she has also taught me qigong and other energy/breath exercises that I can do on my own. She’s helped me to create a healthier lifestyle that benefits all aspects of my life.

I have received very little guidance from my doctors about nutrition and lifestyle changes to help me be healthier or to build my immune system. Western medicine tends to rely too much on drugs. They look at “pieces” of a person as opposed to the “whole” person as Donna does.
I’m not as afraid as I was a year ago. I can’t imagine the shape I would be in if I’d only relied on Western medicine. Some of my physicians truly (and unnecessarily) terrified me…They treated me as another statistic. They talked very little about the survivors of this disease. Today, I have little fear. Donna has helped me to relax, stay in the moment, and believe in my power to heal myself. Because of that, I am stronger and healthier than I was at this time last year. And my physicians are amazed at how well I’m doing.

Elizabeth Nolan, Greensboro, NC

Donna’s technique approaches your concerns on so many different levels and ways. Each session is different and addresses my main concerns at the moment. I originally started seeing Donna for answers to my health concerns but I ended up with so much more.

I started seeing Donna because I was struggling with psoriasis and a goiter. I had tried other types of alternative healing techniques but nothing quite “clicked” with me. Donna”s BodyTalk sessions were wonderful. My psoriasis is gone, my Thyroid levels are normal and my goiter is basically gone.

Working with Donna also helped me realize my blindspots. We worked on issues I had with relationships in my life, especially with family, men, and bosses. I now see the patterns I used to fall into and make a conscious effort to improve them.

I have learned to speak my truth, not people please, and to trust my own gut! I learned my self-worth and how to realize my goals instead of what others want of me. It helped me with clarity, discernment and removing the barriers that held me back from being my best. I feel more confident and happy with myself. Donna’s valuable service has been money well spent!

Terah Kelleher, Massage Therapist and Reflexologist
At 58 I decided I could age in the conventional way; adding more and more prescriptions for health, or I could try an Energy Therapy approach and live more vitally and happily.

At first, I thought BodyTalk sessions were a luxury I couldn’t afford. But I quickly saw how practical and effective they were and I now see BodyTalk as the way of the future. I used the sessions before and after total knee replacement to maximize my healing…both my doctor and physical therapists were impressed with my rapid progress.

Working with Donna is easy. Her manner is relaxed, uplifting, enthusiastic, and caring. She seeks to get a holistic view which will actually take you beyond the limited concern that first brought you to her. You will find many benefits for all areas of your life.

I often receive little practical things that impact my life dramatically. I have a clearer sense of how I fit into my work and family settings. I’ve gained more confidence and self-awareness and feel more empowered and aware of possibilities in this life.

Linda Kelleher, Citicards Process Support Team
After working with Donna I see myself differently. I don’t dislike parts of myself and work to get rid of them. I deal with who I am at each point in life. I’ve really learned to focus on the bigger picture and not sweat the small stuff- most of the time, at least!

I lost my husband several years ago to a terminal illness. I was dealing with that loss and how exactly to move on and put my life back together. I knew I was having issues dealing with everything. Some new things in my life were wonderful, some were less so.

I knew that I wanted to tackle some things that had been bothering me, and I knew I didn’t want to go about it the “traditional” way. I was a bit nervous the first time or two, but I was open to the experience.

Now I feel that my life has just sort of come together as a whole. I spend less time sidetracked by the little annoying things and spend more time enjoying my life and being productive. I’m always surprised by little things that come out that either Donna knew about me or my situation or that I knew and wasn’t letting myself follow that inner voice.

This is an expense, and it’s not covered by health insurance but I look at it as something that I’m willing to pay for to help me be the best I can be. If I’m willing to spend the money on a massage, facial, or other “stress relievers”, why wouldn’t I be willing to put that money towards learning how to be the best person I can be?

Winifred Lezine, Boulder, Colorado
Donna is an amazing and intuitive healer. I don’t know how it works but it does! The benefits of working with her have rippled through all parts of my life – physical, emotional and spiritual. I am different in my relationships, my work and my inner life. I am experiencing myself in the world through a different lens – I am more tolerant of the parts I would have earlier condemned.

I made an appointment with Donna for some physical symptoms I was having and the timing was such that when I first sat down with her I was in the middle of a powerful emotional crisis. I don’t think we even talked about the physical issues because I couldn’t stop crying about the emotional ones.
I cannot overstate the effect her treatment had on my handling of that situation. She understood a lot that was unspoken about why it was so hard for me. No exaggeration, after one session I was re-oriented toward the crisis and able to move forward with a confidence and trust that was so surprising, even others commented on my remarkable composure as the situation evolved. It was miraculous.

Beverly Johnston, Winston-Salem, NC
Donna is an extremely clear, insightful and compassionate intuitive counselor and healer.

In working with Donna I have experienced healing on the levels of spirit, mind, and body. She continues to be a beacon of light and understanding for me for which I am eternally grateful.

Maria Collen, Intuitive Healer & Spiritual Teacher
Donna offered me safe passage through a difficult situation.

With kindness and compassion, she worked on all levels – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual – to help me understand what I was dealing with, release it, and then ultimately move forward with confidence and optimism. I trust and respect her intuitive guidance.

Ann Wilson, Greensboro, NC
Donna is absolutely amazing! She is open, caring, full of enthusiasm and clarity.

I receive so much useful information during my sessions with Donna. She really helps support me in the important changes I am making in my life. Thank you Donna, for helping me connect with that beautiful, good energy that is inside me.

Susan Handelman, Susan Handelman Art Historian & Health Care Educator
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