Holistic Life Coaching & Energy Therapy

Case Studies & Success Stories

Holistic Life Coaching & Energy Therapy Case Studies and Success Stories.

Chronically Fatigued

Heather, 43, married with two teenagers, has a job in management. By 2:30 every day Heather felt rung out and her eyes were sunken with dark circles. She came home every night exhausted and cranky. She came to me thinking about quitting her job because she thought that was causing her problem. Within only eight holistic coaching sessions we increased the quality of her sleep patterns, increased her nutrition intake with better food choices and did some visualization and breathing exercises. Her root cause was a block in her small intestines meridian that drained her so through the energy work her life force energy returned to full strength and she was able to rediscover her family life and happily continued on with her job.


Carmen, 47, corporate executive. Carmen came to me because she was riddled with anxiety. She was still emotionally chaotic around her divorce of many years ago, she was in a relationship with a man that was not going anywhere, and she felt “stuck” in all areas of her life. We had six life coaching phone sessions and now four times a year she has tune-up sessions.

Within her first two sessions, Carmen was able to have clarity about her relationship and ended it on good terms. She shifted and was able to forgive and release her past marriage. During the rest of her sessions, she created space and possibility in her life and the man of her dreams walked through the door. Right now they’re on sabbatical in New Zealand and are having the time of their lives.

Skin Disorder

Robert, 36, airplane mechanic. Robert came to me covered in chronic, painful self-limiting psoriasis. Turns out that Robert always wanted to be an artist and his Mother always discouraged that dream, telling him he needed a “real” job.

After years of working as an airplane mechanic, he came down with a raging case of psoriasis. After rebalancing his body chemistry to the fumes and chemicals he’s surrounded with on his job and addressing his inner conflict between his dream and his present reality, Robert was able to get rid of his skin condition, begin a side job as an artist and reclaim his passion without drastically disrupting his life.

Chronic Pain

Jane, 38, mother of three, athletic most of her life and in great health. Since her last baby she had a chronic pain in her lower back and sacrum area. After stretching, going to chiropractors and traditional medicine her pain persisted, ebbing and flowing throughout her day.

After her first session her back pain completely left, never to return. However, she continued her sessions because she discovered the pain in her back was the gift that brought her to me because her real issue was her inability to feel a stable connection with her family. That root cause was eliminated within four more sessions.

Healing Journey

Fran, 42, came to me when she was diagnosed with a lump in her left breast. Fran came to me weak from her chemo treatments and emotionally drained. We continued to work together through the rest of her treatments and she was able to resume all normal activities, have chemo without incurring the terrible side effects, and regain her sense of confidence and hope. Four years later Fran has a clean bill of health, she’s opened up a doggy day care and she has a huge community of friends which she’d never had before.

Separation anxiety

Caitlin, 31/2 years old, starting daycare. Caitlin’s mother brought her in because she refused to leave her mother’s side without much screaming and crying. Overall, Caitlin’s home life was balanced and there seemed to be no logical reason for these outbursts. The root cause was role-reversal and Caitlin had a belief that she was supposed to take care of her Mom. After two sessions Caitlin was rebalanced to her proper perspective and was able to gleefully go off and enjoy daycare.

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