Lesson Two

7 Tips to Boost Your Health & Happiness by Taking Time For Yourself

Time is your most precious asset –
treat it and yourself with reverence.
Carving out intentional time in your day,
week or month has a ripple effect of releasing stress
and overwhelm from your life.

Case Study

Marianne is a mother of three under the age of 15. She works part-time at the newspaper and volunteers at her church. She came to me because she felt pulled in many different directions and she didn’t feel like she was giving her best to anything she did.

Originally, she felt like she had no time for herself. I created a master schedule of her activities and by viewing it holistically I discovered ways to reorganize her time so she had time for herself without neglecting anyone else. I also energetically released some old belief patterns through BodyTalk around her not feeling worthy of pampering herself.

Within a short time, she reaped the benefits of taking time for herself. She discovered self-love and her days were filled with a bounce in her step and a sparkle in her eye.

Here are 7 tips to boost your health and happiness level by focusing your time.

Here’s a handy guide for you to cut out and use as a reminder.

7 Tips to Boost Your Health & Happiness By Taking Time For Yourself

  • Take time to make yourself look good.
  • Take time to make yourself feel good.
  • Travel back in time.
  • Take time to play.
  • Take time to learn something new.
  • Take time out.
  • Play with time.
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