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C.O.A.C.H. Personal Transition System

5 Steps to Holistic Happiness!

C.O.A.C.H. Personal Transition System is a method of moving you forward quickly and easily. It's my step by step process to move you from here to there.

C.O.A.C.H. Personal Transition System is about looking at your life holistically, acknowledging all aspects of who you are entwined and need to be addressed as such. My 5 step process is:

C - COACH. By aligning with me as your Whole Life Coach I help you Clarify your Consciousness. Often clients come to me feeling overwhelmed or vaguely unhappy. I help you assess what's not working and identify what you'd prefer instead. This duality is an uncomfortable process on your own, but when you're working with me it becomes a conversation of possibilities.

O - OPTIONS. That feeling of being "stuck" is just a sense of not having options. Ironically, when we're in the middle of something we often don't have a clear picture of it and that's why coaching is so important. My coaching facilitates Options in your life. For example, since I infuse Energy Therapy into our sessions I'm able to uncover subconscious blocks that have kept you from moving forward in the past. That is one of the biggest reasons this type of Whole Life Coaching is different than any other regular Life Coaching program.

A - ACTION. By helping uncover which actions serve you best and then guiding you through them, I can quantum leap you through transition. As an Intuitive Life Coach I custom design your action plan to create one that individually resonates with you.

C - CREATIVITY. Working with me as a coach opens up your ability to enhance creativity. I teach you to utilize your creative, right brain to enhance your daily experiences. My guidance opens up new viewpoints and new activities that boost enthusiasm and satisfaction with your life.

H - HOLISTIC HAPPINESS. This is my goal for you. By balancing your physical body, your emotional state, and your spiritual connectedness we create the life you yearn for. My clients report bouts of increased energy & vitality, frequent episodes of smiling and laughter, release of fear & worry and consistent non-judgment of other and self.

If you have additional questions on how this system can help you, please call for your free 15 minute phone consultation.


Client Testimonials

"Donna is an amazing and intuitive healer. I don't know how it works but it does! The benefits of working with her have rippled through all parts of my life - physical, emotional and spiritual. I am different in my relationships, my work and my inner life. I am experiencing myself in the world through a different lens - I am more tolerant of the parts I would have earlier condemned."

Beverly Johnston
Winston-Salem, NC

"Now I feel that my life has just sort of come together as a whole. I spend less time sidetracked by the little annoying things and spend more time enjoying my life and being productive. I'm always surprised by little things that come out that either Donna knew about me or my situation or that I knew and wasn't letting myself follow that inner voice."

Winifred Lezine
Winston-Salem, NC

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Donna Burick
Greensboro, NC
Tel: 336.540.0088


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