Lesson Six

6 Tips to Boost Your Health & Happiness by Harnessing Your Life Force Energy

Restoring Your Qi (Life Force Energy)
gives you an even flow of energy all day long,
gives you clarity in your thoughts and actions,
and connects your mind to your body.

Movement reduces pain, strain and brain drain.
Make friends with your body and take it out once in a while.

Valerie came to me because she woke up one day and thought, “When did I become old?” She had minor aches and pains, was foggy-headed and felt worn out.

I had Valerie drink more purified water to flush out her toxins. I taught her my Intentional Cuisine techniques. I gave her some simple Qigong exercises she could do at her desk, and had her walk outside ten minutes a day.

Here we are only 6ix weeks later, and Valerie is signed up for the next 5K Walk/Run for Breast Cancer Awareness and she’s begun belly dancing.

Here are today’s 6 tips:

  • Treat yourself as well as you would any child in your care.
    Would you make a child go all day without sufficient food or water? Would you cage a child and not let them run and play? Would you tell them they're fat, ugly or terrible? Of course not - you'd feed them, love them and encourage them.
  • Inflexibility is a state of mind.
    Be flexible when considering movement and exercise. Create an intention that inspires you rather than criticizes you. If you're headed to the gym, don't go in focused on your weight or your faults. Rather go in excited about connecting to your body and expanding your Qi. Marvel at the complexity of this intricate system we refer to as our body.
  • Incorporate practices which build your energy and health.
    Qigong, Tai Chi, and Yoga are all ancient practices based on restoring you to a natural healthy balance. Explore these and find one that resonates with you.
  • Exercise anyway.
    The funny thing about exercise is it's an antidote for emotional and physical pain. Remembering this will allow you to harness its healing properties when your logical mind (ego) tries to convince you to stay away.
  • Mix it up.
    Variety is the spice of life. Do a five minute stretch in the morning when you first wake up. Do a quick Qigong exercise in the middle of your day to relieve stress. Go for a walk to clear your head. Do cardiovascular exercises to keep your energy flowing. Do weight-bearing exercises to develop muscles, tone and to support your bones.
  • Use the 5-second rule.
    When you say you're going to exercise or go for a walk get outside of the house within five seconds, even if this means you're putting your shoes on sitting on the front step. Set your intention and immediately follow through. Don't get distracted. This little mental exercise is a great way to work out your focus and concentration muscles.

Here’s a handy guide for you to cut out and use as a reminder.

6 Tips to Boost Your Health & Happiness By Harnessing Your Life Force Energy

  • Treat yourself as you would any child in your care.
  • Inflexibility is a state of mind.
  • Incorporate practices which build your energy and health.
  • Exercise anyway.
  • Mix it up.
  • Use the five-second rule.
Donna Burick

Donna Burick

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