How Your Pets Speak to You: Signs & Symbols Series ~ Part 3

catandbloodhoundI’ve saved the best for last in this Signs & Symbols Series. In part one we examined how nature speaks to us. In part two we looked at how animals speak to us. In this last part we will discuss how our pets speak to us.

Our pets hold a special place in our hearts. And because of their close relationship with us they become a blend of their natural consciousness and our influences. So for example, their natural consciousness is to live in the moment, to be very aware of their body and to have a heightened sense of well-being. Left to themselves they will heal very quickly.

However, as part of our environment their consciousness gets mixed with our personal struggles because the family becomes their “pack”. And as such the family can influence their nature to such a degree that they may not heal as quickly. This is especially true if there is an overriding reason for them to be sick, either as a sign to heal something in your own life or because you need them to need you.

Pets speak to us loud and clear. Often observing their behavior is a window into the group dynamics of our family. They love us to such a degree they will mirror our strengths and weaknesses in order to act a supportive guide.

I am going to discuss the consciousness of our three common pets, dogs, cats and horses.

How Dogs Speak to You

Dogs give us the symbolism of interacting with others without judgment. They have an overriding interest in being part of the “pack”. They have great capacity to love, and will take on any suffering or illness as their gift to the pack. They take loyalty to a whole new level.

Here is a moving story of an Argentinian dog’s loyalty to the leader of his pack:

The bond between dog and master goes beyond the grave, as evidenced by Capitán’s unyielding loyalty to his master Miguel Guzmán, from Argentina. Capitán went missing for a few days, but he was eventually found lying in the cemetery next to Guzmán’s resting place.

The remarkable part about this story is that Miguel died in a hospital, and his body was taken to a funeral home far away from where he lived. Capitán had never been to the cemetery before.

The first time the funeral director saw Capitán, he arrived at the cemetery alone. The dog did a few laps through the tombstones before finding his master’s grave — all on his own. Capitán continues to visit his old master every single day, at 6:00 p.m., like clockwork.

If this isn’t a display of true dedication, we don’t know what is. This story was found on

Dogs represent sacred bonds; so if you have a sick dog, please make sure you are willing to clear your life of any imbalances in your physical or mental health. They are speaking to you as a teacher and guide with their actions and behaviors.

How Cats Speak to You

Cats symbolize the ability to experience bliss and fulfillment in even the simplest aspects of life. They take pleasure in just being. Cats are less likely to take on an illness, but they do facilitate healing by laying on and area of injury or illness.

I had a cat that was very turned into imbalances. Normally, she was very standoffish but if someone was sick she would lay on him or her for hours. We got to the point we knew something was wrong if she showed up and spent time with someone. I had a friend come over who was 7 months pregnant and Yin, my healer cat, would not stop lying on her belly. Every time my friend sat down Yin was atop her. We laughed about it but inside we know that was a sign. This was my friends 4th child and he was born with Cystic Fibrosis. We thought back and new that Yin was trying to heal this child in the womb.

How Horses Speak to You

Horses symbolize freedom and divine power. They are very noble animals that have entered into a contract to be with us on our journey as helpers and guides. They have great reserves of stamina and strength. They are also well suited for teamwork.

Horses demand authenticity and balance from us if we are going to be productive partners with them. They are so quick to “speak out” when they sense your inauthenticity that many rehab programs use them as part of the therapy.

So if your horse seems agitated look at your energy. Realign yourself and get to a balanced, centered place in yourself. See if that doesn’t shift everything. By the way, you can use this tip if you’re with others who seem agitated. Try it and see how quickly it works in every situation!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this series on signs and symbols. I would love to hear your comments and stories, so please share your thoughts in the comments section below. Thanks so much for your participation.


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Transformational Services by Donna Burick
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