How to Create 2 Must-Have Personal Mantras

“My mantra is: Let there be happiness in my soul, and let me share it with the world.” ~ Alexandra Stoddard

“It’s a neutralizing mantra to say to everybody, ‘I come in peace.’ I come in peace. That’s why it’s important.” ~ RuPaul

“Everyone has their own mantra.” ~ Russell Brand

Mantras are ancient ways to focus the mind. The word Mantra comes from the two Sanskrit words manaswhich is mind and trawhich is tool, so it literally means a tool for the mind.

Typically, the mantras used in yoga class are Sanskrit words repeated to deepen your awareness. However, these two personal power mantras are a bit different. They are statements you create that will serve as an easy way to raise your everyday vibration.

The most important aspect of these mantras is their ability to keep you from getting bogged down in negativity. They are similar to affirmations except they are designed to focus your mind on being at cause in the world instead of buffeted by its effects.

Affirmations are typically statements about external manifestations you want to attract into your life, while these mantras are designed to realign you with your sense of inner power.

Why 2 Must-Have Mantras?

The reason I want you to create two different mantras is so you can fully address both outer and inner environments. And when else is this the most useful tool to have, the holidays season of course!

Outer environments are circumstances that appear around you or things that people say or do.

Inner environments are the different voices in your own mind that criticize, belittle, or create self-doubt.

Each type of mantra needs to be a statement that is designed to refocus your attention away from the negative and on your sense of personal power. The mantra is a way for you to choose how you will respond, and choice is an excellent way to express personal power. By repeating your mantras you are reminding yourself you are in charge of how you choose to respond.

Your Outer Mantra

Your outer mantra needs to be a positive statement that acts as a diffuser for the situations happening around you. When you choose your mantra make sure there is no underling sarcasm or judgement in your statement.

Two of my favorites are “Okay then” and “How interesting”.

“Okay then”uses acceptance of what is to diffuse any negativity you might get entangled in. For example, imagine that you are on the phone with your sister and she’s angry about something she felt was unfair. (It’s interesting to notice how no matter how old we get we still have the same fights with our siblings we did when we were kids.)

After she’s had her say and you’ve gotten off the phone you can take a moment, take a deep breath, and say, “Okay then”. It’s like a mental shorthand for, “I am giving you space to feel your feelings and I acknowledge that I don’t need to take them on as my own by getting triggered by your discomfort. This too shall pass.”

Similarly, “How interesting”is another way to notice what is happening while creating space for you to stay neutral and not get enmeshed in any negativity.

For example, perhaps your adult step-daughter is letting her 4-year-old eat only bread at dinner and then eat 6 cookies for dessert. Where before you might have gotten upset, thinking that this was a terrible way to raise a child, instead now you can say to yourself, “How interesting”. It can be mental shorthand for, “This is none of my business, it’s not my child, it is no reflection on me, and if she wants my child rearing advice she will ask for it.” The mantra keeps you calm and centered instead of fuming for the next few days over what you consider to be terrible mothering skills.

When you don’t resist what is happening and allow it to just be, you are coming from a place of personal power.

Your Inner Mantra

Your inner mantra is a statement that counterbalances your most common mental meltdown. You know the one that always pops up when things go sideways. Take a moment to listen to that familiar criticism and then choose what you want to believe instead.

So, if according to your inner critic your weight is the reason for every bad thing in your life, then create the mantra, “I am happy with my body just as it is.” If how you handle money is your persistent worry then try on, “I have everything I need to live abundantly.” If you wake up in a cold sweat from a reoccurring nightmare about being a life-long spinster and dying alone then repeat, “I am available to give and receive great love.”

Your mantra is an individualized, authentic expression that brings you back to your center. From this place of power you are able to act rather than react, making you an agent of change in your own life.

Repeating these personal mantras open up your ability to access the peace and contentment always available to you in the present moment. So, try these mantra’s on or create some new ones for yourself. The important thing is to have a touchstone to keep you centered on your personal power when daily life throws you a curveball.

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Transformational Services by Donna Burick
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