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BodyTalk System Explained

BodyTalk System is a unique healing protocol based on asking your Innate Wisdom a series of questions to determine your energetic blocks and how to quickly and easily dissolve them. By "talking" to your Higher Self, I am able to uncover your subconscious blocks and create a series of links to reconnect your energetic systems. I can then integrate your body/mind/spirit to work as a cohesive group. As a personal life coach who uses these energy therapy techniques I am able to help you in a much deeper way.

BodyTalk System's most powerful aspect is that it allows me to address a broad range of issues in your life. My BodyTalk clients have:

* Returned to natural health by eliminating allergies, headaches, and illness
* Eliminated persistent pain, depression, and chronic fatigue
* Released stored traumas, negative beliefs, fears and phobias
* Improved their relationships, focus, motivation and connections
* Lost weight & increased their energy levels

Here is a BodyTalk Demo by Donna Burick

You Are A Symphony

The best way for me to describe it is to imagine that your body/mind/spirit complex is a symphony, and your heart is the conductor. Your body/mind/spirit center is programmed to store external events such as trauma, stress, illness, and disappointments in the recesses of your subconscious.

As these blocks start to stack up, different sections of the ensemble no longer see the conductor, and begin to play out of sync with the rest of the orchestra. BodyTalk allows me to start clearing out your blocks and start reconnecting your orchestra sections to your conductor. As your body/mind/spirit complex regains its natural healthy balance, your orchestra is once again playing in unison.

Safe And Effective

This process has been proven to be safe and effective. I use bio-muscular feedback to access your Innate Wisdom. I ask a trained protocol of questions to guide me in creating your mathematical formula of links. Once these formulas are constructed, I use an ancient tapping technique to send the new information throughout your body so that every cell, system and organ is now in accord.

Please watch the short video of a sample session so you can see BodyTalk in action. I have had great success with this modality for many years, working with clients all over the U.S. If you'd like more information on how this protocol can help you return to natural health, please give me a call. I'm offering you a free 15 minute phone consultation so that I am able to answer all your questions about how this type of Whole Life Coaching can help you.





Donna Burick
Greensboro, NC
Tel: 336.540.0088


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