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What Is That Pain in Your Shoulder Trying to Tell You?

Physical pain is a signal of an imbalance in our body/mind complex. And these imbalances need to be handled holistically if you want to get rid of the root cause.

It’s much like weeding your garden. If you pull off the top part of the weed, the part you can see, the weed will either re-pop up right there again or pop up a little ways to the left because you left the root system intact.

As we are vibrational beings every aspect of our body, every organ, every joint, everything has a consciousness.

For example, the consciousness of the shoulder is support. The pathological side of it is burden. So if you are experiencing shoulder pain, your body could be trying to broadcast a subconscious state of being over burdened.

Your body will talk to you; you just have to know what to listen for.

It’s amazing to watch as people get happier with their jobs or families they no longer need surgery or medicines.

You are a vibrational being so as we work to balance out one part of your Self, then all of the others will also begin to shift back into place.

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Alternative Healing Practices

Alternative Healing Practices are finally coming into their own in Western culture. They’re enjoying a resurgence in our culture as people rediscover their powerful ability to transform.


Alternative Healing Practices look at your “problems” in a holistic way. The pain in your back is not an isolated incident. It’s connected to your stress level, your belief systems about yourself and your daily activities. This is the major difference between these modalities and Western Medicine. There’s no pill to treat the symptom of pain; instead my alternative healing practices dig up the root cause of the pain while addressing all the connecting webs associated with that symptom.


Your body/mind complex is connected and needs to be treated as such. I have years of proven success with my fusion of different alternative healing practices. If you’d like to know more about how these therapies can help you, please call for your free 15 minute phone consultation. We can connect in person and I can answer all your questions.

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