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My practice is focused on creating permanent, holistic transformation in the lives of my clients. As a Whole Life Coach and Energy Therapist I am blessed with the opportunity of affecting all aspects of one's life, whether it's physical, emotional, mental or spiritual healing. My belief is that our lives are intricate webs of interconnected parts. Because of this I seek out root causes of imbalances so I can repair the ripple effect of damage.

As long as I can remember I have relied on my intuition. As a child I would receive intuitive "hits". I was trained in Transcendental Meditation as a pre-teen and have continued a daily practice of meditation and Qigong.

I was driven to help people as a calling. I studied Social Work in college, but after graduation decided that that structure was not for me. Instead I channeled my energies into opening a gourmet catering company called A Pinch of Thyme Catering. This fed my desire to connect with and guide people through major life events.

After operating my catering company for about 13 years, I was introduced to the world of alternative healing. I began working with a Qigong Master to reverse my infertility, help my allergies and balance out my stressful lifestyle. This discovery resonated with me so strongly, that I sold my catering company so I could shift my focus. I began my journey of studying holistic healing modalities, concentrating on the BodyTalk System. I now have 2 handsome boys and work that fulfills my deepest passions. I'm happy to wake up everyday, anticipating the gifts that will come my way.

Since that turning point, I have created a unique fusion of intuitive guidance, life coaching and energy healing. I work with clients who are going through life transitions, have physical pain or illness, are looking for clarity and purpose, and/or need business guidance and direction.

Please call me for your free 15 minute phone consultation. I'm eager to meet you and discuss your desires.


Client Testimonials

"Donna is an amazing and intuitive healer. I don't know how it works but it does! The benefits of working with her have rippled through all parts of my life - physical, emotional and spiritual. I am different in my relationships, my work and my inner life. I am experiencing myself in the world through a different lens - I am more tolerant of the parts I would have earlier condemned."

Beverly Johnston
Winston-Salem, NC

"Now I feel that my life has just sort of come together as a whole. I spend less time sidetracked by the little annoying things and spend more time enjoying my life and being productive. I'm always surprised by little things that come out that either Donna knew about me or my situation or that I knew and wasn't letting myself follow that inner voice."

Winifred Lezine
Winston-Salem, NC

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Donna Burick
Greensboro, NC
Tel: 336.540.0088


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